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Friday, November 12, 2010

BotB Night 4

Kite Theory writes some of the best music in Provo. I'm not too huge on the singer/songwriter thing, but Taylor Beckstead knows what he is doing with his voice and an acoustic guitar. Having Steve Mortensen on the keyboard and Michael Killian on the drums really helps the sound come alive. They manage to do more as a trio than most bands can with twice that many people. If you haven't seen them yet, I recommend you go to their next show and just sit and listen to what they're doing.

They lost last night to The Crylics, but we left to get food after a couple songs and came back later. At this point, I'm 80% certain that Archie Crisanto will be winning this Saturday.


  1. We've played a couple of shows with Kite Theory. They are a great group and a really nice group of guys.

    I am curious about the rest of the mathematical equation. What makes up the remaining 20%?

  2. The fact that we don't who the winner of tonight will be! I heard that Lovecapades is playing tonight...

  3. I heard that too.... Interesting....

  4. The lovecapades eh? i will definitely vote for them. i will also attend their EP release on December 4th at the pleasant grove theater, located at 20 south main street at 7:30pm. i hear the CD is free.

    and Kite theory are a great band!!

  5. Just wanted to say thanks for your blog. I'm a real newbie into this local music thing and I was glad to find a page that gives me some broader info on our local talent. I wish I could have attended each night, but as it was I was only able to make it to this night and late at that!

    I caught the end of the Crylics,and enjoyed the Ring of scribes and Kite theory as well, though I'm having a hard time getting that orange baseball cap out of my mind. Just curious if you had any opinions on the other bands. I didn't get to hear any of a Boy and his balloon, and wondered what they were like.

    thanks again!
    the girl next door


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